Our Global Customer Base Continues to Grow!

Our vision of being a global leader in portable toilets and accessories is becoming reality! We now have end customers in Antarctica, Australia, Belize, Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain and the United States.

We now have an exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Click the logo for the link!

How a Waterless, Chemical-Free Portable Toilet is Invented

The Founder

Robert Roczynski

Robert (Bob) Roczynski, founder of Dry-Flush, was born and raised in the New Haven, Connecticut area, graduating from North Haven High School and attending the Porter Chester Institute to study engineering. This was during the peak of the Vietnam era.

When Bob was drafted, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, serving in Vietnam. When he came home, Bob worked for Xerox Corporation as a technical engineer. Then, he joined his father’s company, Hamilton Manufacturing, a diversified maker of aerospace components and vinyl molds for record albums in West Haven. His father was a prolific entrepreneur and mentored Bob, who also had a passion for business ownership.

In 1977, Bob founded Record Products of America in Hamden, which became a global leader in designing high-end CD mastering systems for plates used in the CD manufacturing process and still exists today.

The Inventor

Rodney Livingston

In the meantime, Bob’s friend, Rodney Livingston, was a gifted inventor and engineer and veteran in the U.S. Army National Guard. After traveling 8,000 miles on a mission of mercy, Rod was struck by the extreme poverty and lack of access to modern sanitary water, plumbing and bathroom facilities in India. He returned to the USA with an idea to invent a revolutionary portable toilet. He pitched the concept to Bob, who embraced the vision and provided the start-up funds.

In 2009, the two men discreetly began developing their new proprietary product. The R&D process was arduous. Rod tested concepts, materials and prototypes in the privacy of his home. After three years, in 2012, the toilet was patented, Dry-Flush was founded, and Bob coined the Laveo™ toilet brand name. It had a nice, quality, European feel to it.

The Launch

Over the years, Bob had earned a Bachelor’s Degree from nearby Quinnipiac University. During the launch of Laveo, Bob asked a professor in the marketing department if her class would be interested in developing a marketing plan. The students were immediately fascinated with Laveo and jumped at the opportunity. The result was a 43-page study. The first step was cultivating a relationship with Home Depot. Within months, Dry-Flush became an authorized supplier, giving the new business immediate credibility with consumers. Then, Bob and Rod hit the trade show circuit, participating in many camping, RV, boating and home shows across the USA. On the foundation of craftsmanship in design and quality in manufacturing, Laveo sales took off. By 2021, over 11,000 had been sold. That’s a lot of portable toilets!

The New Owner of Laveo

Doug Rice

Rod died of cancer in 2018, and as the years passed, Bob reached a point in his life where he wanted to sell the business and do other things (like focusing on his family) with the time he has left. He mentioned this to his CPA, who had a client who might be a good buyer. Through this connection, Bob was introduced to Doug Rice, himself a life-long Connecticut entrepreneur with a family legacy in manufacturing. Doug had sold his previous business, Action Packaging Systems in Ellington, and had “retired,” but it’s hard to keep an energetic entrepreneur down! Doug purchased Dry-Flush in the summer of 2021.

His vision for Dry-Flush is to be the respected and trusted global leader in portable toilets and accessories. His passion is to create a growing number of jobs in Connecticut and to contribute to the State’s economy. Dry-Flush enjoys an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut. Under Doug’s leadership, the company continues to have an entrepreneurial “can do” business attitude and culture, with an emphasis on customer service.

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

Dry-Flush is still deeply rooted in the New Haven, Connecticut area. We now operate out of an industrial facility in Wallingford, CT close to the Merritt Parkway.

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What Our Customers Say

Shannon J.

I really, really appreciate your kind and diligent customer service. Your product's effectiveness and efficiency was way above my expectations. Well done! I congratulate you on the success of the Dry-Flush design and wish the very very best for your company. Your toilet is our family's permanent waste management system, as we are living off grid in a tiny house.

D. Pascarelli

Dry Flush is poised for greatness! There is going to be unprecedented growth in this market sector. With global water shortages and the onset of drought in many parts of the world, Dry Flush will be leading the way in sanitation with its waterless technology!  There is currently no other patented product on the market like it!  In all my years of marketing rarely has a product as unique as Dry Flush come along.  No pun intended, but it is one of those “watershed” moments when you know something is going to be big!

Kyle F.

We recommend and install your toilet in all of our camper vans!

Derek May

We did some real tests with the Dry Flush this past summer and brought a unit to Burning Man, a week-long survival festival deep in the Nevada Desert.  There were several of us at the camp and we all used the dry Flush toilet when needed. We kept the unit in our trailer and were pleasantly surprised there was no odor at all from the toilet.  The battery worked great all week with all of the uses.  It’s surprisingly simple to use and clean-up/disposal of waste was super easy! Very Smart design! Comfortable and sturdy, the Dry Flush will be the perfect accessory in our new HC1 Ultralight Travel Trailers!  We call it the “SPACE TOILET” !!

Paige Dobkin-Owner, Envirotoilets.com

John and the Dry Flush team have been flawless in all my interactions with them.  They provide fast and efficient service along with their excellent products.  The Dry Flush Waterless, Chemical-Free Toilet can be used anywhere, earning marks for both ease of use and added environmental friendliness.  I highly recommend Dry Flush!!

Sarah Murphy – Music City Tiny House, Nashville, TN

The Dry Flush Toilet was honestly one of the better choices we made in building our tiny home!  Anyone who knows the challenge of choosing toilet options for mobile living also knows there are few common options and none of them are great.  While not perfect, the Dry Flush is leagues better (for our situations) than any of the alternatives.  It’s truly odor-free!  It’s easy to use and change the inserts, which makes it a winner in our eyes. We very much look forward to when they lower the cost of the inserts as we think it’ll become more attractive to more tiny house dwellers, but in the meantime, the Music City Tiny House will remain loyal Dry Flush customers!!

J. Uetrecht

The Laveo is an extraordinary product: simple to set up, surprisingly portable, and completely hygienic and odor-free. My wife and I love using this for tent camping - no public toilets, no trips out into the dark in the middle of the night. In addition, Dry Flush has provided us with great support. We had a small issue that we hesitated to contact them about. When we did, Doug Rice took our matter seriously and responded immediately, going above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase. I'm not easily impressed, but I have to say this toilet and the customer service backing it have been exceptional.

C. Lovell

I can’t tell you how much we like, no LOVE the Dry Flush! Its everything they say it is.  Lightweight, no odor, you can put it anywhere!  It really is waterless!  No noxious chemicals needed!  My husband and I live in a very small cabin 6 months of the year, and this was just a perfect fit for our lifestyle.  We are going to purchase another for our boat. I highly recommend this product to anyone who hates cleaning and emptying a portable toilet system.  The price is much lower than most every other types of portable toilet.  (you do need to order refill cartridges eventually – although a bit pricey, they are working with new manufacturing processes to bring that cost down significantly.  Still much more affordable in the overall scheme of purchasing another toilet with chemical, compost and water issues!)   We are hooked!

Andy F.

I'm going to replace the factory tolity with Laveo. Friends of ours have a swanky off-road camper trailer that included your product and it's amazing!

Bryan Z.

We have installed a few of the dry flush toilets and those clients so far seem very happy. I'm guessing we should be talking to you/asking you about setting up an account so we can save money on future orders.

Ruben R.

Your customer service is awesome and what a great product this is. The replacement unit is working well but frankly the real test will be when my 19 year old step son ues it.