Laveo™ by Dry Flush For Home Care

Laveo™ by Dry Flush can help you when you have a loved one with limited mobility – it’s lightweight, portable, and requires no installation.

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A Breakthrough in Home Care Comfort & Convenience!

The Laveo™ by Dry Flush is an innovative and practical way to provide family members and patients who are receiving convalescent care with on-the-spot access to a portable electric toilet. The waterless, odorless, chemical-free, no-freeze, low-maintenance and compact toilet measures 16”W x 20”D x 18”H and weighs just 29 lbs.

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Why Laveo™ by Dry Flush for your Home Health Care or Convalescent Care?

Add it all up, and Laveo Dry Flush is an excellent choice and a smart investment in comfort and convenience for your loved one in need of home care!

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Comfort in Home Heath Care

Offering unparalleled comfort, the Laveo Dry Flush portable toilet seamlessly integrates into home health care and convalescent care settings. Designed with standard toilet seat and height dimensions, it’s particularly suitable as a portable toilet for the elderly. The user-friendly flush button functions just like a traditional toilet, but with a difference: instead of water, plumbing, or chemicals, Laveo’s innovative double-layered barrier bag system securely and odorlessly encloses waste. After each use, the dispenser prepares for the next flush with fresh barrier bag material, making it an ideal and hygienic bedside solution. This makes it perfect for putting right beside the bed.

The Capacity

Adaptable and efficient, the Laveo Dry Flush boasts a cartridge that can manage up to 15 flushes, or even 25 with our Pee Powder. Replacing a full cartridge is a breeze. It can be easily extracted and disposed of in a regular trash container without dealing with murky water or hazardous chemicals. Plus, inserting a new cartridge is a swift process that takes under a minute. Enhance its utility with options like a comfort lift package, handrails, and floor tray, ensuring the safety and comfort of elderly users.

Accessories for the Elderly and Convalescent Care

Engineered for flexibility, the Laveo Dry Flush portable toilet operates on a 12V DC power system, consuming 4.9 amps during flushing. Multiple power solutions are available, from long-lasting rechargeable batteries to solar chargers and AC adaptors. We’ve also packed in a charger cable for your convenience. Personalize your Laveo experience with various add-ons: the comfort lift package, handrails for added support, floor trays, tote straps, mounting brackets, privacy shelters, and even custom colors to suit your décor. This versatile, “go anywhere” Laveo toilet is perfect for shifting between spaces, whether it’s the bedroom or any other room, ensuring consistent support for home health care needs.

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

What Our Customers Say

Great solution for van life! We have had ours for 2 years and love it! My wife now likes to go on driving trips because there is no need to stop at gas stations to go. Staff is very responsive to all questions.
Richard Weinberg
15:17 01 Sep 22
My dad has declining health (diabetesand mobility issues) and his room is downstairs. The caregiver helps him upstairs during the day. I decided to purchase the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet System about a year ago for his large room. We easily installed it. I purchased the mount kit but never used it because the unit is pretty stable on its own. The toilet was exactly as described! You add "waste" material and then it wraps it, seals it, sucks it down, and makes room for the next one. All of a sudden, there was no more foul smell, excess soiled tissue, and no portable commode bucket to transport manually through the house. Those splashes were treacherous! So 1 year later, the unit still meets expectations. Recently, there were two parts they needed to be replaced. The company was responsive and very courteous. For such a large and relatively costly purchase, I was concerned about accessibility of parts and availability of customer support. It was truly one of the best transactions, I have had in recent years. I felt assured that i made the right choice. Highly recommend.
Divine Poole (Psychological Provider)
14:25 31 Aug 22
Dry Flush makes traveling in our Sprinter Campervan so much more enjoyable. No more desperate searches for a clean restroom or uncomfortable middle-of-the-night walks to the campground bathroom in bear country. It is all just a few feet away. It is clean and easy. The cartridges make it simple to swap out the used ones. Definitely a 5 star product at a reasonable price.
Gary Jordan
22:26 15 Jul 24
I highly recommend the Dry Flush toilet. It operates and does what it is advertised to do. I recently had knee replacement surgery and a friend told me I should try this. I will forever be thankful she did! It has been a big help in the recovery process. No water lines needed. Just an electric outlet for charging the battery. No odor, does not tip over, can sit wherever you need it, closes the bag when flushed and you can safely and easily remove the bag and dispose the waste. If you have a temporary or permanent disability, this equipment is for you. Thank you Dry Flush company
Marsha Covert
00:27 19 Sep 23
Toilet has been great, installation is straightforward. They also helped me troubleshoot an issue with the toilet within an hour of emailing them. Great service!
Stephanie W
22:32 29 Aug 22
The Dry-Flush is an AWESOME SOLUTION to a nasty problem! It works very well, and the company/people behind it are helpful and friendly (in the event you have any question or concern).Having dealt with a black tank with a previous vehicle, we went with the Dry-Flush in our Sprinter build. ABSOLUTELY A GREAT PRODUCT. Black tanks are gross. The Dry-Flush is well-designed and allows one to replace the cartridge without feeling like a sanitation worker.Admittedly, if you use the Dry-Flush a lot, it does get a little pricey. That being said, my wife and I generally make a point to use restroom facilities when available (which they so often are!), and tend to use the Dry-Flush on an as-needed basis. Even with regular replacements of the cartridge, it is so great to have a clean and tidy solution.
John Adams
19:34 10 Apr 24
Product is second to none, who wants to compost their own?? stay clean and keep you van or RV clean! I recently had a service and reached out for support on their product. Response was as good as local 911,.... 3 phone calls with someone calling you back immediately. They are genuinely concerned about your situation and will help you resolve it. ! I highly recommend! Thanks team:)
Brent Lingerfelt
05:01 01 Mar 24
The Laveo toilet is worth every penny. I love it so much I'd actually write a review on a toilet. My sister put one in her sprinter van a couple years ago--mainly chose it for the size. It worked so well--doesn't smell, easy to change out the cartridge--that I recommended my mom get one for her art studio above her barn. She got the sleek black one. She takes it on the road in her vintage camper too. They have ac power and battery pack options. It's light, portable and really a game changer in portable bathroom options--especially for women. The customer service is great--you can talk to a real person with any questions. Great invention! Thank you Laveo!!
Castle Searcy
20:03 18 Jul 24
These guys are awesome. I had a small problem with my toilet. I was given the presidents number and talk to him and he bent over backwards to help me out first class service bar none
John Bray
19:28 11 Nov 23
anderson wilson
17:29 13 Sep 22
I've had my Laveo dry flush toilet in my garage for six years with no issues. I had to have it serviced and Doug Rice could not have been more helpful. He explained everything and the price he quoted me was the price I paid. Outstanding customer service!
m henry
21:43 29 Aug 22
Awesome toilets! We have a recreational piece of property where we leave our camper on it year round. We live in Idaho where the weather gets very cold. We removed the RV toilet and put this one in it's place. We are very comfortable snow shoeing and camping in the dead of winter. MUCH more comfortable than an rv toilet. The cartridges pay for themselves now that we don't have to rent a Porta Potti. There is ZERO odor. 100% sanitary when toilet is full. It's contained in its own garbage bag. We Double that with our own garbage bag just in case... and then throw it in the dumpster.
John Friesz
23:30 30 Jun 23
We’ve had this product for approximately a year and are very satisfied with the product. It is very efficient and easy to use clean and odor free. The customer support is excellent. It is easy to reload. We would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a waterless toilet.
Rodney Sharp
21:50 06 Mar 24
This is such a great appliance. We use it in a cabin in NH so that my 90 year old mother does not need to climb a set of stairs every time she needs to use the bathroom. It’s quiet, odorless, and she has no problem servicing it if we are not up. The hand rails are an excellent addition for an elderly person. And, to top it off, customer service with this company is top notch!! If you are looking for a convenient waterless toilet that is easy to work with, this is it!! I’d give it more stars, but Google only has five.
A.J. Purcell
13:21 11 Sep 23
Excellent customer service. So helpful and call you right back when you have a problem. I would use them and buy their dry flush toilet again in a heart beat and have recommended them to everyone.
Felisa McLaughlin
00:28 26 Jan 24
I have been using cassette toilets for many years in several expedition vehicles. Two years ago we purchased a Sprinter build-out. I removed the black water system and installed a Waterless Toilet and could not be happier. With no odor, no mess and "unlimited" capacity (and not having to dig deep burial pits), we can now enjoy more comfortable extended trips in the back country. I highly recommend Waterlass Toilets for anyone who loathes "black water" disposal.
18:23 29 Aug 23
I had some issues with my Laveo Dry-Flush not working properly or not working at all. I called Laveo and realized it was actually an hour past business hours. To my surprise your technician, Doug, answered the phone. I explained my problems to help troubleshoot. He directed me to the troubleshooting videos and gave me suggestions on where to purchase an inexpensive multi-meter. Doug then gave me his cellphone number to call him after I followed the videos. I called him with results and he came up with initial plans and has replacement parts being sent out as I write this. Hopefully this resolves the issue. If it doesn't, I am confident Doug will help me through the next steps. This is the best customer service experience I ever recall happening. Thank you!
Paul Fischer
13:13 28 Dec 22
Incredible customer service! I had an issue and wrote them on a Sunday and heard back from them that night. Had a part sent out to me free of charge by Thursday of that week. The videos on how to replace parts is top notch!
Kevin Hileman
22:03 10 Aug 23
The customer service is outstanding. I bought this site unseen just from doing my own research. I have been blown away with how exceptional it is. I put this in a guest house that did not have enough room for Septic without paying a fortune. The first person to use it was a friends child And that poop stayed in there for probably seven months before the rest of the cartridges got filled up little by little over time. Never one time was an odor emitted and it was in a small 10 x 20 cabin. It performs flawlessly over a year and a half in And it is super easy to change out when it fills up and again there is no odor so there is none of the nastiness of who am I touching now?! I highly highly recommend it. It is well worth the cost.
M Nell
02:28 05 Dec 23
Great customer service as I have had in my life!!! To be able to talk tonthe owner of the company and help troubleshoot and humanizing a relationship with a customer and want to get it right. Best prouduct I have used and it made in the 🇺🇸!
Benjamin Lares
22:18 23 Jan 24
I've own a waterless toilet for approximately 4 years. In my opinion it is the best toilet for any outdoor activity. We own a travel trailer and have traveled from the southern most point of Key West to the North Pole in Alaska and up and down the East Coast from Florida to Northern Maine and many more short trips in between. Our Dry Flush toilet has worked flawlessly.You cannot beat the customer service that Doug and his group provide. They have shipped me refill bags to the most remote places. Once when we were getting ready for a trip and I went thru my pre-trip check list, I could not get the toilet to work. I called Doug and he walked me thru some trouble shooting procedures. He isolate the problem and expedited the part to me. He said that if that wasn't the problem it would be another part and said I could keep the first part free of charge. When I received the part, I switch it out as Doug had indicated, and I was back in business.The thing I like most about their toilet is the simplicity and functionality, there is no smell or messy hoses. You don't have to buy special toilet paper or deodorants. You can dispose of your waste in any garbage can.When we get a new camper, I will continue to use the waterless toilet. I will convert my black tank to an extra water tank or grey tank. I would highly recommend a Waterless Toilet for any RV, boat or outdoor activity. Great/awesome product.
Sergio Luna
21:17 05 Jul 24
I really like the laveo dry flush toilet. I use this in my truck camper. Doesn’t use any water and don’t have a black tank to dump. 👍👍👍Craig S
Craig Schmidt
12:29 10 Sep 22
I recently purchased several products to up-fit my van for travel and the Laveo toilet was the best value for the dollar and most effective product and appreciated product I bought. Easy Peasy, Nice and Easy. No electricity to hook up (beside the provided battery), No water hook up, No holes to drill, No venting.Sturdy construction, well packaged and easy to use. I even got a hand signed thank you note in the packaging which included the owner’s personal phone number.When I called on Easter Sunday to leave a message to say thank you for a well built product, the owner answered the phone and was super friendly and appreciative for the call. Bravo!
Henry Szlenkier
03:32 11 Apr 23
#1 product - but even better customer service. Always available to to answer questions and provide the best experience!
Pam Silverstein
13:41 28 Jun 24
We have used a Laveo by Dry-Flush in our camper (TrailManor) since 2019. The Laveo is a huge upgrade from recirculating. Incredibly convenient, functional on or off grid, easy to set up and use, odor free, and very clean. Perhaps even better than the Laveo is the customer service I have received from Dry-Flush. The company has been very responsive to my inquiries and helped me trouble shoot mistakes I had made with the product. If you are in the market for a new camper toilet, I highly recommend the Laveo!
David Ball
17:54 12 Jul 22
I have a pool cabana that is located quite a distance from my house and I was getting a bit annoyed with all the kids having to trudge through the house wet in order to use the bathroom or of course the other alternative....using the pool!! So I researched portable toilets and came across the Dry-Flush and what a tremendous product it is. No odor and it is extremely easy to replace the refill. I could not be happier. The owner Doug Rice called me back on a Saturday when I needed to cancel a battery charger order that I placed when I thought it was lost. I found it after a search. He was a wonderful guy to talk to and we shared some laughs about both being old and Not many companies have an owner that reaches out to customers....Thanks again Doug!!
Anthony Fusaro
16:22 01 Jun 24
We have used this game changer in our van for 2 years and 30,000 miles. Great product and even better customer service! Thanks Doug for all your attention.
Bob Bridges
19:47 18 Oct 23
We are so glad we made this choice, portable, clean, and most important odorless, excellent 10 star product.
17:55 12 Jun 23
I needed my Laveo faster than anticipated to finish a custom van build; when I called and asked if there was anything that could be done to expedite shipping, Doug personally put my order in the mail that day to ensure I would get it in time. It arrived right on time and it made my job so much easier! The device itself is sturdy and well-designed and the instructions make it easy to install and use. Thanks for all your help!
Lindsey Maxwell
17:56 07 Jul 22
Great product and superb customer service! Our toilet is old and needed a replacement part - I called, the person knew exactly what we needed, and it was not expensive. Best of all it arrived on my doorstep in less than 24 hours! Best service from any company I've dealt with - thank you!
Betsy Chapman
18:17 16 Mar 24
RESCUED by Laveo Dry Flush. We suffered a massive plumbing issue, which resulted in a one month shutdown of our bathroom at our home. DRY FLUSH was the perfect answer. Douglas sent everything we needed in 3 days. Dry Flush is Great company to deal with. As far as Douglas, he is truly a standup guy. He is the guy you want watching your 6. Thank you Douglas for all of your hellp.
Michael Muhlenkamp
19:34 26 Jun 23
I purchased a 48-year-old houseboat, and the head was no longer approved in the waters of New Jersey. I couldn't afford to buy and install holding tanks and searched high and low on the internet for alternatives. I even tried a bucket with a toilet seat and kitty litter. Going to the bathroom into kitty litter was hard to do. My three-year-old grandson walked in, looked at the toilet and said "Mum-mum, I not a cat". Finally, at 1 a.m. on a worknight I found your website and yelled "this is it!". The dry-flush toilet is wonderful and even after a year it is still a conversation piece among my guests. They always say that it reminds them of jiffy pop! lol Laveo helped me to make my houseboat a home. I LOVE IT. The customer service is amazing. I called with a question and within moments they texted me a video of how to charge the toilet. You don't see that kind of service anymore, but Laveo makes it happen.
Kathleen Brill
12:48 21 Oct 22
Absolute quality Dry-Flush... Laveo & all other products.Amazingly beneficial to own and use, Laveo.Laveo has opened up an entire arena of areas, expanding our RV travels & sites. Have recommended many times & will forever continue.The better built quality, dependability, consistency, convenience, ease of products use is unmatched.Not just extraordinary Customer Service ... also extraordinary Customer Care within exceptional Customer Experiences upon interactions.Thank you to all at Dry-Flush!Your dedication to excellence within each facet is so greatly appreciated, admired, noted and preceeds you all.. . as it should... you've all set the bar high.
Dan Hunt
20:00 23 May 23
This company has THE BEST customer service ever! So accommodating! When I reached out at the 11th hour with an S.O.S. for cartridge refills for a big new years camping trip they went the extra mile to make sure I had what I needed even though they closed for Christmas. Very nice and super professional!
melissa jaqua
17:11 11 Jan 23
Absolutely Amazing!!! From the products themselves to the high level of customer service, I can't say enough good things about this company. There is ZERO odor! All is self contained in a black garbage bag. Nothing gross to touch and absolutely NO splashing with having to clean anything! You don't even need gloves to empty! Absolutely ZERO mess! Pull the bag, tie it up and put it in the garbage! No different than a babies diaper. I will never do a black tank!And the battery lasts forever!! We camp at least 3 weekends a month and I only charge the battery once in the Spring and once in the late fall.In regards to the customer is a family style atmosphere and they are TOP NOTCH!! I waited too long to order for a trip, I totally dropped the ball. I went out on a limb and emailed them in hopes there was something they could do. The President of the company responded right away and ensured my order went out same day!! The absolute best customer service!You will not be disappointed!!Thank you to Douglas and John and the rest of the Dry-Flush family!!!!
Christina Muench
15:33 13 Jul 23
The dry flush works as described. Customer service is excellent! It’s a great option to have!
2th Cleaner
21:24 08 Jun 22
I had the best experience with Laveo Dry Flush customer service. I have had a Dry Flush toilet for 3 years. It is perfect for our situation. We have a camp no power, no water and no sewage system. My Dry Flush began to have an issue and I was able to diagnose it over the phone with the help of the helpful people at Dry Flush. I then ordered the wrong part and customer service again sent me out the correct part at no charge. I can't say enough nice things on how helpful they were. Thank you again.
Laura Malinowski
15:14 08 Aug 23
We've been using this toilet for over a year. We've had zero issues! It's clean, easy to operate, change cartridges, recharge the battery, and it's odorless! We painted ours black, and incorporated it neatly into our dining banquette.
Miles Q. Montegut
15:40 02 Apr 24
Very well-designed product. First test was on a camping trip with a dozen people and it performed flawlessly, much to the delight of the campers! Clean, odorless, and reliable. Nothing like it on the market.
Chris C
18:58 11 Oct 22
Loving our Laveo Dry Flush. Very efficient, easy to lift in and out of our van, no odor. Doug and Janet were quick to respond and very helpful with our questions when a small problem came up. So glad we found this product.
Catherine Paul
23:43 25 Aug 22
This is my second camping season using the Laveo. I have zero complaints. I have it installed in my cargo trailer along with a sink and bed. I haul my side by side, fishing gear and I’m gone for weeks at a time. I no longer rely on paid camp grounds and their vault toilets. When I need t “go” it’s as convenient as my home bathroom. Once you flush you never have to look at it again. A few of my friends have regular “5th” wheel toilets and they avoid using them because they don’t want to deal with emptying the tanks. With the Laveo, its just like taking out the trash accept everything is sealed. No smell and you don’t have to look at it. Also, customer service is excellent. I wanted to give the battery a pre summer charge and discovered the charger was not working. They sent me a new working charger at zero cost. One last thing. The batteries come charged and they last a long time. I never ran out of battery power last summer and I camped a lot!
Troy King
16:50 28 May 24
What a great company to work with. Very helpful, videos are very well done and Doug and John are very personable on the phone. Great company and product.
Becky McClain
16:10 12 Feb 23
A level of customer service rarely experienced these days! I recently called about an issue we were having (mostly/ if not all user error) and the person who answered (Doug) gave me the time and attentive listening to let me explain my issues. He immediately offered solutions, and guided me to things we didn''t realize we were missing. Now we are back in business with our Laveo toilet. We love this product and appreciate having a wonderful company stand behind their product with customer support should we ever need it.
B Tracey
16:19 11 Jun 24
After a lot of research and try outs of different options, I chose the Laveo Dry Flush toilet for my Sprinter van build. Couldn't be happier with the choice. it's been about a year now and for our use case (1-3 night family trips), this is by far the best of all toilet options IMO. The only downside is the cost but you can manage that well amongst a family to get the most out of one flush as possible. At least to me it is well worth the trade off. Compared to other options, it is much more convenient, there is no smell, etc.
Albert Kim
15:52 09 Sep 22
The customer service for Waterless Toilets is possibly the best, fastest and most courteous service I've ever experienced with a product. We had an issue which was quickly resolved by an owner who obviously cares a lot both about the customer experience and the quality of his products. I highly recommend the design and functionality of the Laveo as well as a unique solution for a camper van. Thank you!
Lynne Harty
17:00 01 Dec 23
The product was of much better quality than I expected, and whenI did have an issue not only did they answer the phone but resolved my issue immediately. Great product, great service.
john wood
21:46 06 Jul 23
I absolutely love my toilet!!!! I have it in my Van and it is awesome!!!! It is so simple when people rent itI have only had to charge it twice in a year and the owner answered all my questions!!! He was very thorough in explaining everything.I would just be sure to use pee powder! I forgot a couple times in beginning and when I would go up a hill I could faintly notice a smell.Once I figured out the powered made all the difference ! No smell!!! I leave it “half full” for a long time because I don’t use my Van often, no problem!
Jen Wright
04:03 17 Apr 23
This dry flush toilet is the product we chose when we ordered our new Sprinter Campervan from Boulder Campervans. Its compact and easy with installation of a 15 flush cartridge. Whatever you flush is shrink wrapped in foil and dropped outta sight and most importantly there isn’t any smell. Then the 15 wrapped packages go into one large bag and wrapped tight automatically. You can then dispose in a dumpster like a bag of cat litter but please be courteous!
Hiker Shirl
22:27 15 Jul 24
We bought our Laveo during the pandemic shut-downs in part to have a place where we could quarantine away when we needed, but it ended up making it possible to spend the night easily in our shed-turned-cabin, despite the lack of plumbing out there. It's simply the easiest solution when you need a toilet where there isn't one--and no funky smells! But I'm really posting this review because after two years of fairly regular use, the battery pack seems to be dying out. I wrote to Laveo and got a response that day that let me know exactly what to do to fix it, cheaply, and they talked to me like a real human being. That's why it makes sense to invest in this company, in my opinion. Five stars all the way.
Dani Charbonneau
15:49 23 Aug 22
I have recently finished building a Vardo Wagon and wanted to rent it out to guests through Airbnb. A toilet was needed before I could start booking. Since my space is so small, (5'x10') a traditional bathroom/toilet is not an option. Composting toilets are too complicated for guests and chemical toilets are too messy for me to clean. Thank goodness I had seen the Laveo Dry Flush toilet demonstrated by a TinyHouse Blogger! After a few of my questions/concerns were answered by the company's owner (who is very responsive & helpful), I placed my order. Within days it arrived. Super easy set up (everything I needed was in the box including a fully charged battery!). I was ready to “go”, so to speak and start booking guests! I just replaced my first cartridge today in preparation for incoming guests and found it to be a simple and clean process. I've read all the comments on this product and some folks are concerned about the price and plastic waste (both legitimate concerns) but for my situation/money, I'm convinced that the Dry Flush by Laveo is the best/cleanest option currently out there. Highly recommend.
Cindy Myers
23:10 08 Sep 22
I purchased a Laveo Dry Flush toilet last summer from Doug Rica and his company. I placed it in the dressing room area of our outdoor shower for safekeeping. Unbeknownst to me, Nai, our then three year old granddaughter used the toilet for a solid movement. I pushed the button, the waste disappeared and I forgot about it. The toilet sat in the summer heat for months without so much as a scintilla of odor. It struck me that I should install the toilet in my 24 foot Sea Ray bowrider. I picked up the mounting kit and asked my marina to install the toilet. It has improved our boating exponentially. No longer do I have to worry about someone depositing solid waste in the "marine toliet" which inevitably smells horrible, especially in the hot summer air. Now my guests simply push the button and all is well. I can imagine every boat owner with a marine head would look to do the same thing. The Laveo Dry Flush toilet has lived up to and exceeded its lofty reputation for me. I highly recommend it to boat owners, campers, folks with outdoor showers, finshed basement owners etc. It works!! Thank you for your kind consideration, and be well.
Brad Sylvester
18:00 13 Sep 22
Fantastic product. We use this system in our Ice Castle, works amazing and eliminates the trash bags system or having to deal with winterizing the system each weekend. Highly recommend. Ordered refill cartridges and had a minor issue on the order system, the Ceo actually responded and took care of the issue. Great service.
Ryan Hunt
15:42 08 Nov 23
Fantastic product and excellent personal service/support. Nothing else is as easy and works so well. We use this on our houseboat in an area where a toilet cannot be plumbed and it is especially helpful during power outages! It is like a space age version of Jiffy Pop meets Diaper Genie! The PERFECT solution for managing waste without germs or a mess. Phenomenal, easy-to-use product that obviously a lot of care and attention to detail went into. Thank you Doug!
Tam Morgan
10:28 16 Jul 24
My wife and I enterred the "Van Life" in Feb 23' and decided to go with the Laveo Dry-Flush toilet in our Sprinter. After reading all the reviews and comparison videos on the Tube of composting vs cassette vs dry-flush, we were sold on the dry-flush option. We are sooooo glad we went with Dry-Flush! We've put on over 17K miles in 5 months of Van Life'g and we love the Dry-Flush experience. The Customer Experience and Service has been outstanding...Doug and John will call you back (even on weekends when they are closed!) and figure out a way to get you what you need. I can't recommend this option enough for anyone who is Van Life'g, Camping, Tail Gate'g, etc... It's an easy and very sanitary solution that makes never having to touch a cassette or black tank hose such a pleasure!
J Smith
22:11 03 Aug 23
Our garage and craft work building is a good distance from our home so we decided to put a bathroom out there for convenience. We got into permitting and construction with a bureaucratic headache when we came upon this water less toilet. Every detail fit our needs and my wife was elated to find you sell one in beautiful blue. It came quickly and we were so happy. It was the day before the hurricane.! It was easy to put together and learn to use. I had built a little platform for it which worked great for me with my bad back and knee to elevate it even higher. When the power went out we were just plain grateful. It is a wonderful product, helpful in many ways.
Robert Moody
21:52 08 Sep 23
Received a toilet in the box today. No assembly required! Treasure wrapped with no mess. Seems to be a very simple operation with zero certification to operate and maintain.
stephen W
20:10 17 Jan 24
Recently my wife and I visited Laveo in Wallingford, CT. One reason we purchased our camper van was the Laveo toilet. The ease of use and reliability along with not having to deal with a black tank were crucial in our decision. The owner of the company was kind enough to give us a tour and share with us new products. Again, best decision we have made.
Kevin Uhlig
15:26 03 May 23
Laveo Dry Flush company in Ct is amazing. I had problems understanding how to charge my battery and why it wouldn’t charge and the owner was very helpful. I love how this toilet works and recommend it highly. I am a solo traveler and this just makes my life so much easier. No leaks, no smell, no mess. I also buy their pee powder and it is amazing too. Nice smell and big container. Please buy direct from them. Christine F
Christine Fleming
01:21 21 Mar 24
My wife purchased the Laveo dry toilet for me with winnings from the casino. I am an over the road truck driver. As parking availability at truck stops and rest areas has decreased, one finds that those toilet amenities we take for granted are no longer there. The toilet has been a total winner. I no longer have to worry and have piece of mind as I rest at night. The staff have been excellent as I work with them on ordering and issues that have come up since I’ve had the toilet for two years. I love the toilet and consider it the best gift I have received in years. Thank you Doug and Janet for your excellent product and customer service
Craig Harvey
00:07 25 Aug 22
I love my laveo dry fresh toilet in the van! It is one of the smartest choices I made in the build of my van. It's easy to use, there's no smell, and there's no black tank to empty 🙂 Truly, this is an excellent toilet and I would highly recommend it.
Jeanine Parolini
19:42 29 Dec 22
I am an owner of a laveo dry flush toilet. This is a convenient solution for camping, outdoor shed, boating when there is no other means of a bathroom. This toilet is well built and ready when you are. It’s made completely in America. The staff at this company are always there for the customer and ready to assist. I would recommend this product to anyone. God bless an American company and product. Robert , R. I.
Robert Alberga
02:12 03 Feb 23
The best product ever! Purchased for off grid cabin living. Looks like a regular toilet but so much better. No odors no mess. Mess free disposal and rechargeable battery. Best purchase i ever made ! This companies attention to customer service is far more than I've ever received.
Tracey Mcaloon
21:42 12 Sep 22
What a great experience it was purchasing my Dry-Flush.Staff has been exceptional helpfull during the purchase and shipping international.Quality of the Dry-Flush exceed the expectations and can't wait to go on the first offroad camp trip 🙂.Thanks again for great service.Soeren.
19:02 05 May 23
We have had our Laveo for about a year and are so pleased with it!!! We have a Ford Transit that we travel in but it's not a camper. The Laveo keeps us from having to find and use public toilets when traveling; this is been a huge relief for us. We travel for weeks at a time and don't have to worry about bathroom breaks when on backroads and rural areas. Customer service and product quality are excellent. We recommend Laveo to everyone!
Sue Luckie
14:05 10 Aug 22